Sunday, October 19, 2008


Each year I try to be creative with Izzy for the fall and we often make a scarecrow and he has colored (painted) pumpkins that sit out by the front door (usually until it rots, collapses and I have to clean it up but...). This year he has been extremely adamant that he wanted to "carve" a pumpkin, heedless of my warnings that it couldn't be as easy as it looks.

We bought a cheap, little pumpkin carving kit, complete with a book of designs to use on the pumpkin that were much more creative than we could ever hope to be on our own. Isaiah of course picked the most difficult in the book; we negotiated and settled on one of the easiest. We then began the carving of the pumpkin.

Firstly, how disgusting is it to actually get the pumpkin cleaned out? My goal was to save the seeds to roast (yum). This plan quickly met an end. Isaiah was not excited when he had to stick his hand into the pumpking to remove the nastiness. I reminded him he was the one who wanted to carve the pumpkin in the first place. After a zillion hours of cleaning, we moved onto the design. UNBELIEVABLE! We ended up drawing on our own SIMPLE face, carved it out and had a much better time. Three hours later, we have quite a cute pumpkin complete with Isaiah's original design. This is also accompanied by lots of grossness to dispose of and cramped hands.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Last Soccer Game

Last game of soccer today! Isaiah had lots of visitors over this season that came to watch him play! We had granny, Ti-Ti, Masahada, G'ma & G'pa Troyer and Aunt Joy and Uncle Seth. It was fun to watch him grow and learn and become more confident in himself and his abilities. What a fast runner!

Baby Update

So we are about 4 months along now. Had our first Dr. appt and listened to the heartbeat. Quick little story about our first time around with Isaiah. The first time we heard the heart beat when expecting Isaiah, Eric whispered to me as we walked out of the office "I think we need a 2nd sounded like the baby was having a heart attack (becasue the heart beat was so much faster than ours). Anyway, this one went much smoother and I didn't have to convince him the baby was fine! Isaiah will get to go the next appointment so that will be fun.

At this point, I am feeling better, less tired and can't complain since I'm not vomiting every day like I did with Izzy. I would attach a pic of my belly so far but I really just look like I have eaten too many doughnuts. Not big enough to be cute but not small enough to fit comfortably in my pants anymore. Errghhh....