Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ode to Isaiah

Isaiah loves taking pictures. He had a camera which, for the life of any of us, cannot be found. Anyway, randomly cleaning the office a month ago I found our old camera that we thought no longer worked (in our defense it didn't work at one point) but somehow now works?!??!!? So I gave it to Isaiah. He now continually takes pictures. And I do mean continually. He takes them of the most random things and events. He takes a million of the same thing. His newest thing is he acts as though he is a spy and takes pictures from every angle from where he is hiding and thinks we don't know he is there. He does this mainly with Quinn who I'm pretty sure has no idea what is going on other than his brother is running around (thinking he is quiet but isn't) taking pictures and giggling to himself.

When the memory card is full I load the pics on the computer and he deletes them off the camera and it starts over again. As I was looking through them this time I realized he really does take some good pictures. He also takes some very unflattering ones (which I didn't include :) ) and he takes really random ones....much more random than I even thought. For example, he had a picture of every angle and every item in his room. He has more self-portraits of himself with everyone and everything than you can imagine. This he got from his father...word of advice, never let your camera sit un-tended with Eric around).

So I decided to put a little slide show together of some of his most recent photography. He really is very creative and I hope this encourages him to continue being unique and random and inspired and observant. I love you Isaiah!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Our Do-Nothing Day

For those out there who know...yes, a tribute to Phineas and Ferb. :)

Eric didn't work, the day was beautiful and we were together as a family. We went to Isaiah's bball game, out to eat, came home and took a nap. Blessed nap. We then got up, Quinn and I watched Isaiah and E play some bball, ate pizza and watched a movie. What an awesome do-nothing day! (and I didn't even feel guilty).

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Troyer Family Weekend

So more on this past, mom, Megan and my niece Leegan came up early on Saturday, caught Isaiah's bball game and then spent the day helping us "fix" things. I know I have paid tribute to my wonderfully handy father in the past and again, THANK YOU DAD! Several projects were completed, mom raked some leaves and Megan kept both Isaiah and Leegan quite occupied in leaf piles. We could not have asked for better was absolutely beautiful!

Brent and Bridget came up later that evening and spent the night. Seth, Joy, Chloe, Paula and Scott all met us at church the next morning to be a part of Quinn's dedication. After church we all went out to lunch...while quite yummy, it took about 1 hour to get ORDER our food, another hour to actually get it and pay for it. Not the best experience but we were together as a family so...

Some stuck around for the afternoon and evening just talking and spending time together. I know I said it in my previous blog but I'm so truly grateful to have the amazing family that I do. Sometimes it is hard to find words to express it and I'm sure I don't say it enough to the people who need to hear it. I guess that's probably true for many of us. I do love all of you and am soooo thankful that you all chose to spend your time with us this weekend! To top it all off...when everyone left and I went upstairs, I realized that mom had cleaned up everyone's bedding, put things back in order and did the dishes! I have no idea when she found time to do this but I loved it! YOU ROCK! :)

Monday, November 9, 2009


Sunday we had Quinn dedicated at church. The entire family came to be a part of it. That's really the complete story very shortened.

I write this because after the weekend and in different comments made by a friend of mine...I realize how very, very blessed we are. My entire family came (with the exception of Kristin who is in college and had to stay there). My parents, every sibling, their spouse/significant other and their children. How awesome is that?! How amazing is it that they all made time this weekend to drive 2 1/2 hours to watch our baby be dedicated in a 15 minute ceremony?! While I am pretty sure I did not adequately express my gratitude or thankfulness for their time spent with us, I'm not sure there are words that would encompass the blessing I felt. I do have a wonderfully, fabulously unique and amazing family. I love you, mom, Seth, Joy, Chloe, Scott, Paula, Leegan, Brent, Bridget, Kristin (we missed you) and Megan!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Jobless No More

...okay, technically I have a job but don't start until December.

So...I will try to be concise:

last Friday: randomly receive phone call asking for interview
Monday: interview for 1st position
Monday afternoon: receive offer for this position, request time to talk it over with E
Tuesday: receive 2nd random phone call requesting interview in same company, different dept.
Wednesday: have interview with 2nd dept.
Thursday: lots of waiting
Friday morning: receive offer for 2nd position and ACCEPT!
Later Friday morning: off to my fabulous Old Navy sale feeling very good :)

So more on the story is that I would have enjoyed the 1st position offered but it was a supervisory position (I do love being in charge :) :) :) ) so there would have been more stress involved with scheduling and covering shifts. I was freaking out a little because I don't want to go back to work. Then I received the 2nd offer. This position will be a little more flexible, more money, it's pretty autonomous and it feels like it will work better for our family.

God does work in mysterious ways. There was a reason I was freaking out and feeling unsure. God opened another door. While I still don't want to go to work, unfortunately this isn't an option. Unemployment is going to eventually run out, jobs are few and far between and E needs to finish school. I do not want to leave my boys and am struggling immensely with this. I have enjoyed this time more than I can even begin to tell you. I LOVE BEING AT HOME! BUT. I do believe God is making a way...He had the timing worked out. He had a plan. He allowed us to make it this long when I never thought we would be able to. I will have had eight months with Quinn and 11 months with Isaiah. Nothing is going to make leaving my boys any easier. That said, I feel a peace about the job decision and at this point I think that is the most I can hope for.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Old Navy or Bust

On Friday (the 30th) I had quite the whopping day. All week I had been waiting for the sale of all sales. The first 50 customers to Old Navy (love it) would receive 50% off (of everything!). I just knew I could do it. This is why I wasn't working...God allowed me to be available and present just for this kind of sale. He knows I am financially challenged and that my son needs a new winter coat! My plan was to leave at 9:15a to get there in plenty of time.

The morning started well...Quinn and I were on a schedule and it was working. At 9:10am (of course) I received a phone call. I was OFFERED A JOB! (1st great thing to happen) Actually that is another story so will come later. Anyway, couldn't rush the HR man off the phone so ended up leaving later than planned. Pulled up to ON with 5 minutes to spare and a view of a million people standing in line outside the doors. By this time a light sprinkle had started and I decided that since I wasn't going to be the first 50 I would wait in the car with Quinn. Then I rethought and figured by the time I got the babe out of the car and walked up there it would be almost time to go in. So, got everything out (including Q) and lugged our happy selves to the line. The lady was walking down the line handing out cloth bags...I was the LAST ONE to receive a bag. I WAS THE 50th CUSTOMER! (2nd great thing to happen) Yee-haw for me! Woo-hoo and all that! Could the day get any better?! I was a sale hunter!

Anyway, a couple of hours later and I was a happy lady. Q was not so happy but it was time he took one for the team. I went for two main items, a winter coat for Isaiah and a sweater I had been eye-balling for longer than I would like to tell you. I got both (and some Christmas shopping).(3rd great thing to happen) AND, not only did I get the 50% off but everything was marked on sale! It was quite the stupendous morning.