Monday, November 15, 2010

Gone Again

A couple of weeks after I returned from the DR and I find myself gone again. I am in Indy for work training for 3 days. Left yesterday eve (sun) and will be home on Wed eve. It was a little harder this time around...probably because it wasn't something I had been looking forward to for the past 7 years. Actually, wasn't really looking forward to it at all :(

Anyway, I am here with a co-worker so that makes it a little better since at least I am not eating alone! After being a little pouty last night (by myself) about how lonely it seemed and how bored I thought I might be, I realized that I need to just appreciate the time I have alone. Why wouldn't I appreciate the time alone? There are so many things I can, devotions, read a book , play computer games, blog, facebook, sleep, eat.

So, I have spent quiet time doing devotions, I have done yoga, I have played a couple of games on the computer and I have listened to relaxing music as I feel asleep. I have also talked to my babes and eaten some pretty yummy Thai food so far. :)

While I am trying to appreciate this time, I will be happy to be back with my boys soon.

Monday, November 8, 2010


After 7 long years waiting, I finally went on a missions trip with my church to the Dominican Republic. The whole thing happened because of my wonderful husband...he knew that I wanted, needed to go on this trip and not only set it up for me but sent out letters and graciously watched our two boys with NO complaints about how it would affect his school stuff.

All this said, it was a humbling experience. Amazing but humbling. I would love to share more and I plan to but right now I can honestly say that I am still processing it all. (and how do you begin to pick what pics to show when there is a separate story behind every single one?)

What I did learn among other things is that I have an amazing husband and children, I have an amazing family and I have amazing friends. I am thankful for all of them, even when I don't show it.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Fall and Trick or Treating!

We had a fun packed weekend...we met some friends at a hayride/haunted forest that was held at a local fire department. Had NO clue the hundreds of people that would show up and stood in line for ONE AND A HALF HOURS to ride this hayride thing in the freezing cold that went through the haunted forest. As we were finally getting on to the wagon, Q had a melt-down and was apparently scared of the wagon. Sigh. I waited in the building until they got back. :(
The next day Isaiah decorated pumpkins he had picked out with a friend of ours (Heather). It's so fun to watch him be creative...he also decided to make Quinn's fun. :) I think they turned out well.
Followed our annual tradition and went to our friends, Amy and Brian, house...hung out with them and their girls, Isabel and Claire. It was the first year for Quinn. I had found this adorable spider costume at Goodwill and hoped he would actually wear it. E didn't think Q would enjoy soon as he realized he got candy he wanted to go up to every house. :) Unfortunately he also took his sweet time wandering from house to house and often decided to take detours. They had a great time! Happy trick or treating!