Monday, January 26, 2009

Sick Babe

Isaiah is home from school today after suddenly running a 102 degree fever Saturday night and Sunday. Poor miserable boy didn't eat for 2 days. Of course I gave him a dose of Tylenol when he woke up this morning...suddenly he felt great, eating like a champ and ready to do all kinds of things. If Ihadn't taken his temp myself I'm pretty sure I would have thought he had been faking the last 2 days. Isn't is amazing????

Belly Pics!!

I have received much flak from many people regarding no belly pics. Soooooo, here are a couple pictures at 30 weeks. Isaiah is really into kissing his "brother," mainly when he is saying good-bye. It is very cute so I had to include one of him too!

So on to pregnancy issues: feeling fine...or as fine as you can with things growing large inside and leaving little room for little else. Overall, this
pregnancy has gone much better than with Isaiah so no complaints!!!! Very tired and uncomfortable but that is to be expected and will only get worse. Yeah! For some that know, I recently failed my Glucose test, had to take a horrible, all-day-in-the-dr-office additional 4 hour one but I PASSED so I guess it was worth it! The dr was concerned last month that I wasn't gaining enough weight but just wanted to keep watch as I was at least gaining steadily. This month I proved him wrong and almost doubled the weight I gained! Ha, that will show him....

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snow Day Fun

After shoveling, taking naps, then shoveling AGAIN...we decided to have a little fun in the dumpload of snow that rained down on us yesterday and today. (In fairness, Isaiah and I helped Eric with the first shoveling, then we kind of watched the second...). Don't miss the shot of Eric's "I'm done with shoveling" dance... We had a good time, we all needed some outside time and Isaiah and Jeb (the dog) loved running some energy off!


We are currently at 9.5 inches of snow and counting...Beautiful but treacherous.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Break is over...Sigh.

Isaiah went back to school yesterday. This amid much whining that his belly hurt, he couldn't sleep, he couldn't wake up, etc, etc. Finally he did state that he didn't want to go to school. Ahh, and the truth comes out. Unfortunately the truth did not set him free and he still had to go. I think he's over it.

So while he is at school I am finding myself quite alone in the house trying to figure out the new role I find myself in. No job has been found yet and I am trying to figure out how to enjoy this time without stressing. I have never NOT worked except after having Isaiah but this is different since I have nothing that demands my attention. I am feeling a sense of purposelessness and tend to be holding down the couch quite a bit (yes it's only been a few days but..Eric tells me to enjoy it. Imagine that!?).

I do know there are SOOOO many things I could, should be doing and I am getting there...just have to explore these new territories and somehow learn to enjoy them or at least utilize them while I can. If only staying home also came with a paycheck... I could SHOP! I could go for LATTES! I could get a PEDICURE! See, I can think of things...just not realistic ones at the moment. Sigh.


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! With the ringing in of 2009 there is supposed to be resolutions. I don't believe resolutions should be made only to break them later or feel defeated by them, SO, none were made. We did spend the evening with friends, ate ALOT of food, Isaiah enjoyed himself and got to stay up late. How much better can it get?