Sunday, November 30, 2008

Crazy Black Friday-ness

So, I'm not a shopper by nature BUT I got on the Black Friday kick several years ago because of a friend. I talked my sister-in-law, Paula into it last year so this was our second year going and man, was it a trip!

We never buy much and every year we both ask ourselves (at 3:30 in the a.m.) what we are thinking and why we feel it necessary to go shopping instead of sleeping. We had a couple of missions this year: 1)to buy my niece, (her daughter) a small kitchen and 2) to purchase a very small,cheap MP3 player for Isaiah. We also stated that while we really wanted these two items, we were also not willing to fight for them nor get involved in the Black Friday craziness.

NOW, the real story. We went to Meijer, shop around lazily, see a lady with the very kitchen we are looking for. She reports she has been in the store since 10pm THAT NIGHT (who is THAT insane???) and was planning on buying 2 of them. Suddenly we felt the urgency that this was going to be an item of high desire. We found a handy spot to stand and wait. Within 20 minutes we were feeling crowded and a bit protective of our spot being the "second in line" waiting. Quiet whispers, mass movement to a side door, we split up to "divide and conquer" and I assumed the position of waiting. Then running is observed to a side door on the other end of the store. By this time of course, Leegan MUST have one and I must secure a kitchen set because she undoubtedly cannot live without it. I run down 2 aisles pushing the cart, hoping no one will knock the pregnant woman down. As I reach the end of the aisle a skid with one kitchen passes me by and as it falls off the skid I grab it. At that moment another hand reaches around the corner (but I HAD it). I HAD SECURED a kitchen! I then heard "Karen!" and saw that Paula had also secured one for her precious daughter and later learned she had also tackled an old lady to get it (Just kidding but there was an old lady involved). I gave my kitchen away to one of the many screaming women and we moved on, pleased and hearts pumping. What a thrill! We decided we must go for a high demand item next year too!

On to item number 2...the MP3 player at another store. We feel the urgency now and rush to the section it is located. There stand a group of women around one very tall, Russian man that has grabbed at least 5 MP3 players waiting for the associate to unlock the clips. He is blocking the entire wall. The assoc. unlocks the clip, he grabs the one he wants (which is the last one of that sort), a lady starts screaming at him, other ladies chime in and Paula and I are slightly freaked out. We start backing away (running for an item and getting into verbal fights are completely different), look at each other and I announce that I don't like this. At this point, the entire crowd moves, still yelling and we calmly pick out the cheap, unwanted MP3 player that we came for. Whew.

This is the end of the drama. The rest of the shopping trip went smoothly and after 4 1/2 hours we were home and I went to bed. Happy Thanksgiving to us! :) :)


Happy Thanskgiving to one and all! It is by far my favorite holiday and once again, completely enjoyed being with my family for an extended weekend. It is always a welcome get-away to go home and do nothing...

So, the kids always steal the show. It is SOOOO awesome to see the love that Isaiah has for Leegan and vice versa. Although he reaches his limit of tolerance, he spends quite a bit of time keeping her occupied. She is enthralled by him and is an amazingly happy, giggly, excited little (and quickly growing) girl.
I included a couple of pics of
them together. The first is just a pic of them
together and the second is after hours (or
what seemed like) of Isaiah running around
Leegan in circles and her spinning to watch
him. They finally collapsed. They are just too
much fun.

Just year we will have doubled the numbers! :)

Things I am Thankful for...

Things I am thankful for this year...

- an unexpected baby to enlarge our family
- the ability to wrap my brain around the fact that there will be another child!
- God and my continually growing faith
- yoga (actually E should be thankful for this one but I suppose it works both ways :) )
- E's Christmas break is almost here and that means I have made it through another semester of full-time school
- iced lattes (except during pregnancy which have only served to make me sick...)
- watching Isaiah grow and learn at amazing rates
- an awesome family reunion this summer that brought back crazy childhood memories
- health for my husband and my child and myself
- my large, extended family
- trip to California
- a job I have loved (even though it will be ending soon)
- family movie nights
- Bones, Ugly Betty, The Office
- a warm house and cars that run
- my attempts at blogging
- friends, especially the unexepected ones!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

random babblings I am entitled to

I know this means little to most people but after reading other blogs and knowing they just put down ramblings at times I figured I was allowed...

I had to mop my NEW (yes, new) kitchen floor for the first time today (because of that dreadful Midwest thing called dirty snow) and it was SO EASY!!! I almost wanted to do it twice! Almost. So much better than cleaning 35 year old vinyl floor covering...

That's all. Just wanted to let everyone know.

It's What???

Okay, so I added this after the fact after several friends told me I should... (and should feel no guilt about it). For all those that want to see the proof, here it is. If you don't, close your eyes and scroll to the next pic!

It's a BOY! Eric pumped his fists in the air during the ultrasound and then stated he was done, he didn't need to see any more. I knew he wanted a boy but had no idea it would cause that kind of relief. The ultrasound lady got quite a laugh! I, on the other hand, while thinking I would prefer a male, was so relieved to hear it was ONLY ONE that I no longer cared by the time we got to the sex.

We went home, made Isaiah wait to know if he was having a brother or sister. We then showed him the disc of the ultrasound the nurse made him and he was ecstatic he was having a brother, thus setting off a dancing competition when Eric joined in. It was quite funny, but at least they are happy! :) Thought about attaching picture to prove to one and all the sex but thought better of it and just attached the typical profile....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So I have been fighting what I beleive is the worst cold/sickness anyone in the history of man has had to endure (yes, I know this isn't the case but let me wallow in my misery). I am now working on week 3. During week 1, I truly believed one night that I was knocking on death's door and he just wouldn't answer. During week 2, Eric threatened that if I didn't call the dr. he would not go home with me for Thanksgiving (which is my favorite holdiay so he knew which button to push). I believed him so I called the dr. I am now on week 3, am still slightly miserable and have already been through the anti-biotics the dr gave me. Eric has just now started kissing me good-bye again (he doesn't believe in getting anywhere near a sick individual), Isaiah is still asking me if he is allowed to take a sip from my cup ( I didn't want him to feel the near-death experience) and I have actually slept through the night without coughing so hard I find myself vomiting in the bathroom. Eric sleeps with me again since I don't keep him up all night with the coughing and apparently my "really loud, obnoxious snoring." Obviously he was not concerned about the fact that I couldn't breathe well, just that he couldn't sleep...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Hippie Dude


Yes, I realize I am a bit behind the times but thought I would post a pic of the kid on Halloween. Funny that last year he was a robber and this year he moved up to a "jail bird" (which is exactly what he asked for). I guess it is a consolation that in his mind he is making the connection between robbing and going to jail...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Forgotten Big Brother Update

I realized I had never updated on Isaiah going to the dr. with me. I can't begin to re-create the image of his face when he first heard the baby's heartbeat. It was precious. It was a heart-squeezing moment. For a split second. Then I had my 6 year old back. He could not wait for the dr to listen to HIS heartbeat with the machine! Anyway, the dr. gladly and laughingly obliged. I suppose that made more of an impression than anything. I guess it helps keep him involved if nothing else!!!

New floor, new life...

It is done! We have been talking, hem-hawing, discussing and estimating the obtainment (is that really a word?) of a new kitchen floor since this January. I can't stand the old one; the old, nasty, 40 year old spotted vinyl flooring. I DON'T LIKE IT. It has become a slight obsession in the most disliked things in my home.

Anyway, we finally made the decision, picked the new flooring (no small task) and decided when to have it done. After much hassle, mis-measurements, special orders (of course), it is now DONE! I LOVE IT! It is fabulous, it rocks, I feel like I have a new home (at least for a little while). While everything was moved out, I also painted the office because that floor was part of the deal and now I have 2 new rooms! Yeah for me! I suppose it is sad that something so insignificant makes me so happy, but isn't it the little things that keep us going?

Eric's version: "Yeah, it's cool. I'm just glad it makes you happy."