Friday, September 26, 2008

Musings & Wet Willies

So I always think..."what can I write about next?" and then I realize I have millions of thoughts that I could probably put some down in writing so...

While I was sitting on the couch tonight with a GIANT headache I was watching Eric and Isaiah wrestle in the chair, randomly giving each other "wet willies." I would assume everyone knows what these are but in case you don't, it is the nasty practice of wetting your own finger with your own slimy slobber and then sticking it in someone else's ear. After all that, you also laugh because you think it is funny. I for one think it is absolutely disgusting and Isaiah knows not to come near me or even pretend that he may think about spreading slobber in my ear. I will place him in time-out for the rest of his 6th year and possibly part of his 7th. This often leaves me out of the "great fun." Along with this is also quite the wrestling match and I start thinking about my dad and brothers who randomly still try to see who may win. There are a ZILLION pics while we were growing up with dad basically whooping everyone (yes, even me at times) but as boys grow up it is a little more even now (don't knid yourself, dad can still hold his own). Dad does avoid these things most of the time but alas, he is a boy at heart and still can get sucked in. It is amazing how different male brains work! Where is the cuddling? Where is the lovey-dovey-let's show affection? And really, why must we spread slobber?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Shocking NEWS!

I believe this will be a test to see who actually reads our blog (that I have worked so diligently at trying to master). We are expecting a fourth member to the Chandler family!! What you ask? You're expecting what? Yes, we know and yes, you read correctly. Imagine how shocked you just felt at that news, double it, add a few tears (not really happy ones initially on my end) and that's how we you are not alone. It is an amazing thing, just a little unexpected and not quite what I had planned. Yes, I did say "I." Apparently God did not think my plan was a good one and decided to show us what His perfect plan really was. We are now dealing (happily) and Isaiah is over the moon. The story of how he reacted to the news is quite a brilliant one (but lengthy). A short synopsis would be that he ran screaming down the sidewalk outside (a good scream), came back in, bear hugged both Eric and I and then clasping his hands as though he was praying stated, "Thank you mom, thank you Dad, thank you God, I thought this would never happen!" I have included a pic of the "happy I'm a big brother" face....Stay tuned for updates...

The Dog

So I thought maybe I should actually spend some time talking about "the dog." We have been the proud owners of a dog, named Jeb, for a couple of months now and let me say, it has been a slight trial for me. As many of you know, I am not really a "dog person" and I made some things very clear before jumping into the forays of being a "dog owner." Basically I will do nothing but make sure he has food and water. I will also agree to walk him occasionally if I happen to be going in that direction. I will not clean up poop, give baths or do any kind of training with him. What I FORGOT to add (or was blissfully ignorant of) was that this short-haired dog would shed more than I could ever imagine, would follow all of us around the house incessantly and would randomly vomit what appear to be furballs although I thought only cats did this.

This said, I have also found that I like him more than I would like to admit and he is wonderfully protective so I feel safe and secure. I do know that if someone tries to steal us, he will at least eat their arm first. I appreciate that fact. I can also admit that Isaiah adores Jeb and has been very good with his chores on taking care of him.

All in all, I guess maybe I will be a "Jeb-dog-person." The jury is still out on the complete committal but I'm getting there....

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our Soccer Pro!

Soccer season has begun. Isaiah is trying his hand (or feet) at several sports this year and will eventually have to make a decision on what he enjoys the most. I don't know how people do it...we are only at the first grade level with one practice a week and one game but I still feel crazy with schedule overload! He is enjoying the soccer thing so far since he loves to run fast and likes to believe he is pro...sliding on his side as he throws out a leg to kick the ball. For the record, it's actually against the rules in 6 yr old league (we found this out quickly...)

Friday, September 5, 2008

I Have Failed

So, getting increasingly frustrated with this whole blogging adventure. I find I have more to say (and show) the world than I can seem to get on the page for everyone to enjoy. I cannot seem to figure out ANYTHING and when I finally think I have gotten smarter, the computer shows me I haven't. God bless Chris (cousin) and I really do mean God bless; for her unconditional help and for not laughing at my helplessness (well, at least I don't think she is laughing but I guess I can't hear her since we are only communicating via email). I do think I would be able to tell in her writing intonation though and she only sounds as though she feels incredibly sorry for me... I just want someone to tell the computer programs that I only desire to share my stories with the world and those who love me (or at least want to know about the lives of the Chandler's). I have so much to say about soccer, toothlessness, a new dog, etc. I guess the world will have to wait until Chris can help me figure out yet another problem.....