Friday, April 15, 2011

The Many Faces of Isaiah

...he's my more serious one....(that's his dad in him)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Indy- Part III

So remember in Part II how I said I was going to attempt to "post as we go"? Yeah. That didn't really work although I believe I gave it a good faith effort :)

Anyway, the last part of our trip was to Carribean Cove, an indoor water park at the Holiday Inn in Indy....10 mintues from Tom & Dori's house. It's a similar idea to Kalahari or Great Wolf Lodge only smaller. (we have 2 young kids who didn't know the difference :) ) Isaiah was living large and thought it was the greatest thing ever. Quinn and I enjoyed ourselves although he wore out earlier than I thought he would on the whole water thing. E...well he pretty much sat and watched. I would say he didn't like it but sometimes he likes kicking back so I guess you'd have to ask him what he thought about our time there. The boys also enjoyed our time in the hotel room...wrestling, playing DS and Q spent an inordinate amount of time playing with paper plates and plastic cups. Who knew?

Q thinking he's big....

Getting ready to go swimming...Q kept wanting to take pics,saying "cheese"

Me and Q on the lazy river while Izzy went down the body tubes over and over and over...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Indy, Part II

After the zoo, we spent the evening with our friends Tom, Jen & Kevin and their son, Nolan. Nolan is 5 months younger than Quinn and quite a friendly and lovey little guy...too bad Quinn was NOT feelin' the love back until the end of the night. Kevin grilled dinner for us and we spent time talking, watching the babes play and Isaiah hoopin' it up on the Wii. I am realizing now that the only pics I took were of the kids so I guess you will just have to imagine the adults being there :) Quinn (2yo) and Nolan (19 mo) Nolan trying to give Q hugs although he wasn't very responsive...

Q spent about 1/2 hour himself and Nolan (who listened very intently). Very cute.

Nolan giving Izzy some love.

Quinn finally lovin' back! :)

Our Family Trip to Indy

We decided to take a short family trip to Indy to take advantage of E and Izzy being on Spring break (some of us still had to work but took a day off :( ). I thought I would try and post as we go....we'll see how that goes! So our first day was staying at our friends, Tom & Dori's home and the Indy Zoo! Unfortunately, Dori was out of town the whole weekend and we missed seeing her...but Tom was a gracious host. Here are some pics from yesterday afternoon... petting sharks, E's fave animal (bats :) ), Izzy racing a cheetah and some random ones...