Wednesday, April 29, 2009

They're Gone!

The tubes are out! the tubes are out! I am referring to the tubes that have resided in the ears of Isaiah for the past two+ years. Remarkably, it was a quick office visit procedure...a little pain for my babe in the one ear but he seems fine now. Unfortunately, I also mistakenly thought that once the tubes were removed, we could also stop worrying about ear plugs, water, etc. How wrong I was! I guess it shows my lack of knowledge of the whole thing but apparently we have to give the holes in his ears time to heal! Sooooo, another month of earplugs and another office visit. Sigh.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Quinn took his first walk in the stroller the other day. We walked to school to pick up Isaiah and on the way back I realized I had a "Chris" day and was surrounded by W's.
Warm weather...sunny and beautiful and

Walking for the first time with my newest babe to pick up my oldest one! see this tiny being in this huge stroller...and he's ours!

Isaiah was so excited to see us and made his friends come over and see his new baby brother. I was absolutely filled with love and joy.

More Visitors...

Last weekend, Seth (brother), his wife Joy and their 2 month old daughter, Chloe, came to visit. I haven't seen Chloe since my baby shower at the end of March and HOLY COW is she huge now! For being such a tiny thing when she was born, she has chunked up (in the cute way babes do....) and looks so big compared to Quinn!!! She also has the brightest blue eyes. I guess the Troyer's are going to have chubb-alicious baby girls and long, skinny boys. It seems to be our current trend...

Happy Earth Day!

Yes, Earth day was the 22nd but I can't seem to be on time for things right now in my life. I have accepted it, as frustrating as it is. So, I figure, better late than never...
Isaiah was given the school task of making something out of recycled materials. His idea was to make this bus out of a pop carton. He used bottle caps for the wheels and for a steering wheel inside the bus where he also made a little "busdriver" and a seat for the driver to sit on. He worked very hard and was very creative. We are so proud of him!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2 Weeks Old!

Today Quinn is officially two weeks old. Crazy how much life has changed in those two weeks! We are working on turning his self-imposed schedule around so that we sleep when it is dark instead of fighting through the exhaustion while the sun is glaring. Yes, yes, I know he is only two weeks old but it is never too early to start when you are this tired!

Isaiah has been an amazing help since we returned home from the hospital. He adores Quinn and gives him kisses non-stop. I have actually had to threaten him to stop him from kissing and loving Quinn while he is sleeping. He loves to hold him, he watches him and has really stepped up his independence. Just an awesome big brother! To explain the slideshow...there are so many pics of family that I decided to make a quick video of Isaiah and Quinn bonding and included a couple of the grandmas...

We have had TONS of help and lots of visitors...mainly family which has been wonderful. G'ma Troyer and Aunt Megan spent several days with us. Mom pretty much cooked non-stop and spent several nights relieving Quinn's very very very tired parents while he screamed bloody murder. I had a slight tearful good-bye although I am happy to say it had nothing to do with fear this time around (like with Isaiah...) it was just a feeling of immense gratitude and love (there was also probably some exhaustion playing a part but love was there nonetheless). They were followed by an overnight trip for Kristin, Paula, Scott and Leegan. Eric's mom, "Grandma Sue" arrived Easter evening and will be here for a couple of weeks. She has been with us until today when she left to spend some time with E's sister. She will float back and forth between the houses and grandkids....

Our small group with church has lovingly supplied several meals which has been a tremendous blessing...cannot thank them enough for the love and support they have shown us! The unexpected relationships in this group continues to amaze me and again, I realize, we are blessed!

Happy Easter!

Yes...Happy Easter...several days late. This year I had to resign myself to not being with family (tough to sit in a car for 2 1/2 hours after having just given birth...) and it was a little soon to go to church so we stayed home and had a wonderful meal with our friends Joy, Ray, Joy's daughter Kari and her kids, Tami and Austin. After lunch the kids had an impromptu egg hunt outside and Quinn got his FIRST Easter egg! We have so much to be thankful for! It was a beautiful day (the sun was finally out) and we were able to spend it with people we love.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


born April 2, 2009 @ 12:59p
7.6 lbs 22 inches

He is finally here! Our family is now 4 deep which is a strange feeling after having been 3 for so long. We are all doing well and just came home from the hospital today around 2pm. It's nice to be back in our own space but now we are settling into the adjustment period.

I will make a very long story short and say that we were admitted to the hospital at 1am Wed. morning, I was moving right along, had a fabulous epidural (thank you Frank, the Anesthesiologist) and then got stuck on 7cm. We then were simply waiting for the dr who got held up in surgery for 5 hours due to complications. She ended up ordering me to be induced as I had been waiting too long. The dr finally got out of surgery and 45 minutes later (@ 12:59p) Quinn Stevan was welcomed into the world.

Overall the delivery went as smooth as I can imagine one going (except the waiting...that was a little exasperating) and it gave mom time to get to Indiana and be there for the delivery (and support for me). Eric was amazingly calm this time around, mom supportive and my friend Joy hung out with me all night and helped us with Isaiah during the "tricky" parts.

We had many wonderful visitors and enjoyed all the love we felt! Thanks to all for the texts, flowers, love, phone calls and visits! Will update as time goes forward. Enjoy the movie... man, is it good to be home!