Sunday, October 16, 2011

E's Birthday Events

Yesterday was E's birthday (as most know...or SHOULD since he often provides a countdown). Being a chip off the old block, Isaiah could not hardly wait any longer to give E his presents and of course, E was in full support of receiving his presents early. Thus, presents were opened late Thursday evening. Isaiah was very proud that he picked out the baseball caps and both boys enjoyed wearing them. :)

The actual birthday day included flag football playoffs, naps and a lovely evening with friends. We ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Fiesta Tapatia, had ice cream cake specially made for E by Coldstone Creamery and ended the evening with a nightcap at Bar Louie's. Along with friends, Shane & Nic and Darrin & Carrie (and Baby Grace :) ), Eric was surprised by friends from Indy, Kevin & Jen and Matt. We had great conversation, lots of laughs and were honored to have these amazing people share E's night with us. Thank you all, we love you!

A fun birthday pic with the special cake (that is cookie dough chunks on top....OF COURSE)...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Eric!

To my wonderful husband, closest friend and baby daddy :)...

HAPPY 38th!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Isaiah's Thought

A "Thought on Quinn" by Isaiah (to my sister Kristin). . .

Isaiah: "Yeah, he's bad . . . I see him behind bars someday."


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Older They Get...

My baby ran for Student council. Is he really old enough to be running for Student Council? I feel incredibly ancient.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Visit to G'ma Sue

We went to see Eric's mom, "Gma Sue" in Mitchell, Indiana the first weekend of August. We hadn't been down there for almost 5 years so this was Q's first trip there. While getting to Mitchell is not much fun (5 hour drive with a cranky, impatient 2 year old and a slightly less impatient 9 year old), we enjoyed our time visiting different places and spending time with family.

We stayed with E's mom and her sister, Aunt Joyce who selflessly gave up her bed for us and spent the weekend with their other sister, Aunt Pat. We spent time with the 3 of them, E's Grandma Haymaker and with his Uncle Bob, Aunt Marla and Brian Ray (cousin).

There is a State park about 10 minutes away that hosts a swimming pool, the Gus Grissom museum and a Pioneer Village. On Friday we took the boys swimming (it was really hot) at the State Park (I think it was called Spring Mill), took naps and then headed back for more fun. G'ma Sue was excited to show Isaiah the Gus Grissom Museum. Gus was born and raised in Mitchell and went on to become a famous astronaut. He ended up dying in the faulty explosion of a spaceship before being able to participate in the mission that resulted in walking on the moon :( Isaiah really enjoyed it and thought the best part was seeing the real cockpit from a shuttle that Gus flew in.
After the museum we headed to the Pioneer Village (much like Sauters for you Ohioans although set in hilly nature where the original village once stood). It was fun and the boys enjoyed it until the ridiculous heat (did I mention that it was really hot?) got the best of all of us. I think their favorite part was the homemade, pioneer toys and G'ma bought them several of their favorites like Jacob's ladder and the twirly "Hooey" stick to bring home.
On Saturday we spent the day hanging out. That afternoon we went to see E's Grandma Haymaker and ate dinner with her and the rest of the family. While in her apartment, Q found a life-like doll that he held and rocked. Although I find life like dolls slightly disturbing because they are so real (obviously why they are called "life like" :) ), he was absolutely adorable while taking "care of her." We then made the 5 hour trek home on Sunday. Of course, my camera made several appearances :) much to the dismay of many, but to the enjoyment of others! :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011


This is E's FIRST, 1st day of 1st grade! :) (BTW, in true E fashion...he is wearing Nike's that say Mr. on one foot and Chandler on the other!)

As most know, he took over a 1st grade classroom January of this year and was excited to find out that he got to stay in the same classroom for this school year. What was new was that he had to get everything ready to "open" his classroom...back to school night, new curriculum, new students, new plans. Everything was "his" for this year and MAN, was it stressful the few weeks before school started. I will say that I NEVER NEVER NEVER realized how much work had to be put into school things BEFORE school started and DURING the next few weeks. It is crazy!

Anyway, besides being slightly stressed, I think E is enjoying it while trying to acclimate to all the changes. Here is Mr. Chandler :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to School...AGAIN

A few pics from Isaiah's 1st day of 4th grade! He's getting so old.....

For the record: our little tradition is that I take Izzy to school on the first day. We stopped for breakfast (annual tradition) and got muffins and donuts (zzy's choice) and then I walked back with him to his classroom. Once in the classroom, I realized I was only one of 2 parents there and recognized that this would probably be the last year I would be "allowed" to come in with him. No fear, I did soak in every moment of him being okay with me there! Here's my handsome boy....

Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer visits to Ohio

Alas, summer is coming to an for us will be starting tomorrow. :( I have blogged a little about different things we've done over the summer but soooo much has been left out! We weren't able to go on any long family trips but have done little things throughout the summer. We spent quite a bit of time in Ohio this summer due to events going on...birthdays for Leegan (4th), Kristin (21st!!), Scott & Seth, Paula and Brent! (this doesn't even include E's dad who also has a bday in July!). We spent time with my girlfriends from high school and at the annual bball tourney (more to follow about that one :) ). The vidoes are just reflextive of time spent in Ohio as many of our other activities are in different blogs. Anyway, HAPPY SUMMER to all and WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL! :)

Sunday, July 31, 2011


As some of you may know...I have a new camera that I love, love, love...AND it has a firework setting!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 4th!

This year we spent July 4th on Silver Beach in Michigan with our dear friends, Mike, Ranee and their brood. Long story made EXTREMELY was unbelievably hot, there was a ridiculous amount of people there, we had a good time and I ended up with sun poisoning on my legs (who knew you could get burnt on your legs while running around after a 2 year old?). 2 days after our day in the sun, I was swollen, couldn't walk on my right leg, E made fun of me and I had to get a shot. Of course, I took a ton of pics but here are just a few of the boys having fun :)

(We call this the "Uncle Scott & Seth hair")

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day

For Fathers day this year we met my family at Cheddars in Ft Wayne for lunch. We had a good time and as always, I made everyone pose for fun pics outside the restaurant. (They'll appreciate it in the long run....)

Dad with all his good kids :)

Scott and Leegan

Seth and Chloe

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Many Faces of Isaiah

...he's my more serious one....(that's his dad in him)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Indy- Part III

So remember in Part II how I said I was going to attempt to "post as we go"? Yeah. That didn't really work although I believe I gave it a good faith effort :)

Anyway, the last part of our trip was to Carribean Cove, an indoor water park at the Holiday Inn in Indy....10 mintues from Tom & Dori's house. It's a similar idea to Kalahari or Great Wolf Lodge only smaller. (we have 2 young kids who didn't know the difference :) ) Isaiah was living large and thought it was the greatest thing ever. Quinn and I enjoyed ourselves although he wore out earlier than I thought he would on the whole water thing. E...well he pretty much sat and watched. I would say he didn't like it but sometimes he likes kicking back so I guess you'd have to ask him what he thought about our time there. The boys also enjoyed our time in the hotel room...wrestling, playing DS and Q spent an inordinate amount of time playing with paper plates and plastic cups. Who knew?

Q thinking he's big....

Getting ready to go swimming...Q kept wanting to take pics,saying "cheese"

Me and Q on the lazy river while Izzy went down the body tubes over and over and over...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Indy, Part II

After the zoo, we spent the evening with our friends Tom, Jen & Kevin and their son, Nolan. Nolan is 5 months younger than Quinn and quite a friendly and lovey little guy...too bad Quinn was NOT feelin' the love back until the end of the night. Kevin grilled dinner for us and we spent time talking, watching the babes play and Isaiah hoopin' it up on the Wii. I am realizing now that the only pics I took were of the kids so I guess you will just have to imagine the adults being there :) Quinn (2yo) and Nolan (19 mo) Nolan trying to give Q hugs although he wasn't very responsive...

Q spent about 1/2 hour himself and Nolan (who listened very intently). Very cute.

Nolan giving Izzy some love.

Quinn finally lovin' back! :)

Our Family Trip to Indy

We decided to take a short family trip to Indy to take advantage of E and Izzy being on Spring break (some of us still had to work but took a day off :( ). I thought I would try and post as we go....we'll see how that goes! So our first day was staying at our friends, Tom & Dori's home and the Indy Zoo! Unfortunately, Dori was out of town the whole weekend and we missed seeing her...but Tom was a gracious host. Here are some pics from yesterday afternoon... petting sharks, E's fave animal (bats :) ), Izzy racing a cheetah and some random ones...