Sunday, March 13, 2011


Quinn was unexpectedly in the mood to pose for pics and kept saying "cheeeeese" so I took advantage. :) Just a couple of my faves... (and I happened to be trying out my different "color" options :) )

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Obviously I have been missing for quite some time and I am hoping that there are still people out there that check on us and are waiting with bated breath to find out how our lives are going....

Anyway, we are crazy busy. E finished school, started working as a first grade teacher, is completely overwhelmed with testing and report cards right now but I think starting to like it?!?!?! I work alot but spend the rest of the time with my kiddos, doing yoga and having random dinners with some amazing girlfriends. Isaiah is playing bball, doing excellently in 3rd grade (with a teacher that is a bit difficult sometimes) and being a FANTASTIC big brother. Quinn is a "hot mess" but stinkin' adorable when doing it which isn't always the best mix. He is ornery, LOVES to dance (some day I'll have time to figure out how to post it) and gives us a run for our money.

Here are some of the newer pics of our family....I will hopefully follow with a few more of my boys in a couple of days.

the "Look"

A wrestling match...Q may be able to take Izzy soon!?!

I don't think he's "smiling," I think he's "showing you his teeth" :)