Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Football Fun

As stated in previous blog, there was some football being played while the snow was falling. I could have included it with the whole "Troyer Christmas" entry, but I thought the boys deserved their own little post. I thought the one with E blocking the boys while Isaiah made a run for it was priceless! So....these are just for pure enjoyment. :)

Victory for S & S

Isaiah running for it while his dad runs a mean defense....

Troyer Christmas 2009!

As I put in blogs previous...I was very excited for Christmas this year. The Troyer family Christmas was no was such a wonderful weekend! It's crazy what a difference little children make. Even though 2 of these children have no idea that it was Christmas, they won't remember it nor did they care about their gifts; it was just so much fun to watch Isaiah, Leegan, Chloe and Quinn opening gifts, eating wrapping paper, dancing around and in general having a great time. I think it just somehow changes perspective for everyone. In my opinion, the best present of the year was the PJ's G'ma made for all the grandkids. They were adorable! She made little pants and bboty/slippers in matching fabric for the boys and matching fabric for the girls. I'm not sure Quinn really cares at this point but Isaiah didn't take them off for an entire day once we were home!

We went home for a long weekend. Last year we started a tradition of the men cooking Christmas dinner/lunch. It went so well we thought it should continue (at least the women did), so continue it did! Meanwhile, the ladies left the house, went out for coffee and a bagel and played some word games at Panera. Once again, the men did a fabulous job and we ate more than we needed to! We also celebrated Brent's completion of college with a cake and some singing! (CONGRATS BRENT! We are very proud of you!) We spent the evening opening presents, playing "4 on a couch" (much to the dismay of Scott & Seth who were not fans), "Would you Rather?" and other games. The rest of the weekend was spent playing games, eating more food, watching movies, football outside, sledding and just being together.

I love you family!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Our Christmas with TWO babes!

To us a Child of Hope is Born!

So with all going on this season, I did not get any Christmas cards made, sent or even planned. That said, the top pic is what you're getting via my blog. :) Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful time this year...even though Quinn did not care much about the whole hullabaloo, it was so much fun to have two babes this Christmas. Although we kept most of our traditions, there were a few minor changes: we did order pizza from E's favorite pizza place but we weren't able to go to a Candlelight service (no times that we found could work with Quinn's crank night-time self and his bedtime). We always read the Christmas story but this year Isaiah did it! While he probably didn't think much of it, I was so proud I could have burst. He is so grown up. We then opened presents (the part Isaiah was waiting for :) ). It was an amazing night together. Thank you God for sending us Your Son!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Basketball Star

Q and daddy watching the game...

Going up for a jumpshot (and he made it :) )

Shootin' from the Left...


What a dribbler!

Basketball is now over and I feel remorse that I couldn't post any of these sooner....
Isaiah had a very difficult coach this year. While he was a little abrasive for my taste, he also recognized the talent of several boys on our team (including Isaiah) and pushed them to do their very best. He worked with them on the fundamentals and we saw a TON of improvement from Isaiah! We are so proud of you Isaiah!

Monday, December 7, 2009

8 months!

Yes, yes....I skipped month 7. Almost missed month 8 but here I am. :)
Quinn is a tank. He is long, long, long and getting some chunk-a-licious legs. While you may not appreciate my pics...I couldn't resist. You just gotta love baby bottoms. He is now pulling himself up, over and around everything. I blame his cousin Chloe for teaching him this trick on one of the visits to our house. He became adept rather quickly at it and now there is no stopping him. He puts everything he can find into his mouth and snots and drools on everything (not the most pleasant picture I's not much more pleasant in person...) Quinn continues to be a talker and noise maker and can laugh like no other. He is sleeping better and for the most part sleeps through the night. But again, you never really know.
It feels like he eats non-stop and is starting to do well with finger (okay, more like "hand" or "fist") foods. Quinn loves his bath time...we have now moved him to the tub and he leans so far out of his little bath chair that he sticks his face in the water. He attempts to crawl out and when we have let him out he does everything he can to try and go on his own. This is going to be the kid I can't leave alone to do anything. Sigh. He continues to adore Isaiah and I still believe his favorite person in the world is Eric. He does prefer me when he wants to cuddle or be coddled (or eat the good stuff) but Eric really just makes the whole world better. :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

WOW! I have not posted in what feels like forever! Soooooo...I will spend the next couple of posts trying to catch up on some of the more exciting events as of late in the Chandler household.

Isaiah had a Thanksgiving celebration at his school a couple of Wednesdays ago. There was a carry-in for the 2nd graders and any their guests. The kids were either Indians or Pigrims and made their own costumes. It was very cute, there was yummy food and this event again made me SO thankful for the switch we made to this school. The parent involvement, the encouragement to be a part of our child's education and the opportunities to participate in things like this. Yeah Eastwood!