Monday, July 27, 2009

The Dirt, The Grime, The County Fair

What a telling title. The County Fair is dirty, grimy, stinky, crowded and overpriced. So why go? The never ending supply of rides that turn you in circles, the greasy food, the loud noise, the stinky barns filled with filthy animals...

Soooo, this year, Eric surprised me by coming home and stating he was leaving work early on thursday (we actually went on the 23rd...I am a little late on the story...) and we were going to go to the fair! May the heavens fall down!!! Is this really my husband?!?!? To understand the magnitude of this sacrifice you must realize that Eric does not like large crowds. He really, really hates the County Fair. God Bless him.
Originally Eric thought he was slick and tried to get me to take the boys during the day while he was at work but it never seemed to work out. Anyway, we braved the day...beautiful weather (not brutally hot like last year) and we were leaving by the time it became over crowded. Quinn loved it and was happy and content the entire time we were there. We took Isaiah's friend Landon with us and the two were happy as larks riding ride after ride after ride. Overall it was a pretty fantastic family day. Isaiah and I enjoyed it immensely and while I don't think Eric would describe it as "fantastic" I don't think he hated it as much as some years...and that counts!
Isaiah & Landon on the bottom right hand side!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oh the Agony

The ongoing saga of my sleeplessness continues...or at least it is trying to....

I am sitting here listening to my youngest (but right now, loudest) son crying (okay screaming). It is 10:45pm. He went to sleep beautifully at 9:30pm. He drank a full 8 oz of formula LOADED with rice cereal. He was exhausted. He took only one nap today which ended a good 6 hours before he went to bed. What is the problem, I ask? What am I doing wrong?

Sleepless in Indiana

Yes. A terrible movie pun but that should let you know how tired I am. :( After sleeping (mostly) through the night for the past couple of weeks, Quinn has decided to go back to waking up every 1 1/2-2 hours. Yes, we have let him cry (much to Eric's dismay since he always has to work in the a.m.). We have let him cry and cry and cry. Yes, we have tried adding cereal to his bottle. Yes, we follow a routine. No, he does not have his days and nights mixed up...he doesn't sleep during the day much either.

What is going on? Anyone have any helpful hints that we haven't tried? (Besides the Benadryl or whiskey route?) I am exhausted and currently am SOOO thankful I do not work! I would be a walking zombie. If you have suggestions, I promise to read and try EVERY one of them!!! :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Isaiah's Entertaining Ways

Although we didn't plan it this way, it is often quite handy to have children that are 7 years apart. When I need to get things done, Isaiah will help by feeding Quinn a bottle or sometimes just keep him occupied so I can finally brush my teeth and wash my face for the day! :) Isaiah has found propping Quinn on his belly amuses both of them and he is quite proud of this accomplishment...

Hands & Feet

Quinn is now about 3 1/2 months old. He is rolling from belly to back and has just found his feet and toes! And my, how he does enjoy them! He is absolutely adorable!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Dad is better! Went to Ohio last week while dad was sick...I felt a little more in control that way and felt the need to be with my dad. :( Much pain later...he is doing well. Thank you for all that prayed and thought of him (and our family during that time)!!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

3 months

A 3 month smile...

It's amazing to me how fast he has grown and how big he is getting. He rolled over (unseen) from belly to back for the first time this past Sunday (5th) and then we witnessed it the next day. Of course there was much verbal encouragement and lots of clapping after he did it!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day!

What a dreary, dreary day! As tradition dictates, we went to our dear friends, Ray & Joy's house to celebrate the 4th. In past the tradition included swimming in their pool, cooking out, lighting sparklers and then the men having their "fire fun" and setting off fireworks. This year my brothers Scott and Brent joined us with their significant others (Paula & Bridget respectively)and of course my niece Leegan. Fun.

So this year I had to wear jeans! Yes, JEANS. It was chilly and sprinkled much of the afternoon. There was some swimming done by crazy kids who apparently don't mind the freezing cold water and the freezing cold air that hits them when they get out. We were still able to enjoy the loads of food we had...just in the dryness of the garage. Eventually the rain stopped long enough to light sprarklers and...

The men were still able to build a HUGE bonfire to throw fire crackers in and the fireworks were unrivaled! My, how they love fire. We enjoyed them amidst a few wayward fireworks that had us running but what a good time with friends and family!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Grandpa's Wish

Isaiah- 7, Leegan- 2, Chloe-5 mos, Quinn- 3 mos

Grandpa Troyer's wish is coming true...yes, it took about 6 years to really get moving and slowly but surely it is happening.

We are currently at 4 and counting (there's one on the way...Guess who?). I, for one, feel I have now completed my procreating duties as the oldest sibling and I keep reminding dad that he had 6 kids so that I wouldn't have to be responsible for all the grandkid-making. Thank goodness the boys are finally getting a move on it!

Poor another year he is going to have little ones following him all over the place. While I think he will complain, I also believe he will secretly enjoy the fact that they all think the sun rises and sets in him. Right now Leegan believes he is pretty much the coolest thing around and he adores her. It is soooo cool to see!

Keep Your Fingers Crossed

...Quinn has slept through the night since Sunday night! We went to Ohio to visit the fam...he had a couple of rough days since his schedule was a little screwy but he then slept through the entire night EVERY night we were there. Immediately upon return to Indiana, we set up the Pack-n-Play and he has continued to sleep through the night! Yeah for us! Yeah for him!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Magnificent 7

17 minus just one!

Through Middle school and High school there was 7 of us that have continued to remain friends. About once a year the ladies get together with all of the kids and sometimes we also try for a ladies' spa day or cook out with the families.

Anyway, thank goodness for Nic as she is the one we can credit to keeping us connected and getting together. We met yesterday for a morning in the park with the kids. There are 17 kids. 17! 3 of those have been born just within the past 7 months. We then dropped the kids off at their respective grandparents and took off for lunch at Panera to catch up. (We did have little visitors, Cam and Cora and enjoyed Cam's funny dialogue!) Sarah wasn't able to be there because she is hard at work (we think :) ) in DC. We missed her!

It's these visits that make me remember to be thankful for lifelong friends. For friends that I can still connect with even if I don't see them very often or for very long. I love you all!Lisa, Jess, Kate, me, Steph, Nic